Week 3 Game Plan Update

This week, I will highlight the necessary resources for carrying out my GAME plan, in addition to describing steps I have taken and any other information needed to get started.


Goal 1: I have identified inquire and explore activities to use throughout the year.  In addition, I had previously asked my school’s technology teacher to put together a general research Custom Search. A next step is to show students how to access and use this search tool, as well as model searching for answers to a topic they would like to explore.  I need additional information about other effective sites for use in a school setting for 5th grade research.

Goal 2: The main resource I need to carry out this GAME plan is time to share and discuss the basic framework with colleagues from other grade levels.  Collaborative vertical meetings between feeder grades would help the teachers be more consistent about what is taught when.  The only steps I have already taken were roughing out a draft of which skills fit developmentally with each grade level, but need to examine this document to determine its reasonableness.

Any feedback you have is appreciated.  Thank you.


One response to “Week 3 Game Plan Update

  1. Sandy, your media specialist can also provide you with age appropriate resources and will teach how to research and validate site information. They can also add sites to your schools catalog where students can find them easily.

    I like your second goal. I’ve found it beneficial to create a curriculum map. I think the curriculum map would provide each grade level with the skills that are incorporated into the lessons being taught. I think you said you taught in the Osseo Maple Grove District. Your Media department has a document that maps when grade levels should be taught certain technology and research skills.

    You have the right idea in putting together the skill sets that should be acquired in each grade. Good luck.

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